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About Us

...&repeat sell gifts and homewares that celebrate British cultural icons.

We make stylish products that are fun and quirky and say a lot about Britain and classic British design. From red buses to beach huts, sunflowers to shells, we celebrate the wonderous British cities and landscape.

Many of our stylised illustrations are inspired by enduring British cultural icons, those that form part of our cultural identity and heritage. We've re-imagined them in a contemporary, stylised way that emphasises the relevance of heritage in our modern British identity. 

Not only do we celebrate British design, all of our products are also made and distributed in the UK and wherever possible we minimise the impact on the environment. 

It all started when…

Graphic Designer Davey Podmore created a pattern from a repeated image of a London landmark. The pattern worked so well he started to look at other landmarks and items of British popular culture. The initial designs were used by St Paul’s Cathedral in London and so …&repeat was born.

Davey pitched the concept to Rebecca Cowdry in the National Portrait Gallery Cafe. The idea took off from there and they have spent the last year sourcing the best producers and suppliers in the UK.

We now have big plans for where we want …&repeat to go and would love for you to come along on the ride.

Our brand has 3 distinct values. They are…

British Designed & Made

All &Repeat Products are British Designed and British Made All our products are designed in the UK and wherever possible they are produced here too. We firmly believe that is the best way to maintain the quality we expect and keeps British craftsmen and women employed doing the work they love.
 Planet Aware
All &Repeat Products are Planet Aware We work with our suppliers to try and reduce our impact on the planet where we can. It is an ongoing process and we are learning at each stage. Each year we will get better and better to make sure our beautiful products enhance the world in more ways than one
Quality & Service
&Repeat Offers Excellent Quality and Service We aim to do our best and only sell products in immaculate condition. If something does go wrong we promise to resolve it as soon as we can and change our processes to make sure it doesn’t happen again.
 Davey Podmore
 Davey Podmore Designer &Repeat
Davey Podmore has had work exhibited in countless exhibitions across the UK. Trained as a Graphic Designer, his work is always very graphic in style and influenced by pop culture, architecture and cultural icons. Inspired by design from an early age he sourced inspiration wherever he went with his work taking the form of ceramics, screen printing, Lino printing and sculpture. The culmination of this journey is…and repeat.
Rebecca Cowdry
 Rebecca Cowdry Manager &Repeat
Rebecca Cowdry has a lifelong interest in history. Following a successful career in project management she has been raising a family and running her own designer giftware company.  Davey's ...&Repeat designs resonated with her immediately: "I have always been fascinated by the past and our heritage. Those enduring historical events and timeless places that comfort us, give us our sense of identity and foundation."